Unjumble* your app localization and translation process!

*To sort or rearrange (a jumbled collection) into the right order.

Our powerful cloud based solution will take all the hassle away from localization and translation management of your mobile and web apps!

Why us?

The only tool your team will ever need!

For Managers

Take full control of your projects and team. Set tasks and check the overall progress of all you projects in an intuitive dashboard.

For Developers

Get all your keys and resources from the same place. Update everything with a single touch of a button!

For translators

User friendly translation interface. Get contextual screenshots and information for each resource.

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Ready to start translating your

Improve your team productivity!

Unified resources
across platforms

Single translation for all platforms.
Specific platform keys generated automatically on export.

resource editor

See all languages translations on the same screen. Get additional resources for specific languages.

Centralised Task Management

Create and manage tasks for your team and follow the progress of your entire project!

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